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What is Native Content Advertising and How Does it Benefit Your Business?

Being a business owner is a never-ending role that requires you to continuously learn the best new practices that can help grow and scale your brand. From social media and e-commerce to ad campaigns and more, it can be hard to keep up with the growing list of to-dos that your business asks of you. 

However, with a few helpful tips, getting the hang of marketing tactics like native content ads can be a breeze! Here is everything you should know about native content advertising and how it can benefit your business.

What is native content advertising? 

Native advertising is the use of paid ads that blend in seamlessly with the look, feel, and purpose of all the media in which they appear. For example, a native ad can be a sponsored social media post or a suggested link on a webpage. The beauty of native content ads is that they appeal to viewers naturally, cohesive to the media they are already engaging with. 

How do native ads benefit your business?

In a study by Time Inc, two in three GenZ, Millennials, and GenX consumers reported that they trusted branded content more than traditional advertising because they appreciate when brands don’t just aim to sell but to share exciting or educational content with them. The majority of participants also felt that branded content is more creative, attention-grabbing, and thought-provoking than traditional ads. Increased brand awareness and engagement can drive new customers to make purchases from your business. These results are reflected in a Collective Bias survey, which found that one-third of Millennials have purchased something after seeing a sponsored post.

What services should you use? 

There are many helpful resources you can use to create professional ads. Taboola is one of the most popular platforms for developing native advertisements, many of which you may have come across on your favorite websites. Taboola partners with large publishers like NBC News, Daily Mail, and more, reaching over one billion users per month. Advertisers can create content on Taboola with a designated pay per click sum and target audience. Once your content is ready, simply wait for a boost of traffic the native ads will bring to your page. Another great platform to consider is Outbrain.

How does retail geofencing work?

If your business exists in a physical space as well as online, retail geofencing is a marketing tactic you should consider. Geofencing is a type of digital marketing that involves creating a virtual perimeter around a space (like a store or restaurant) that allows retailers to send customers text messages or notifications upon entering the “geofence.” If customers opt into this initiative, retailers can target personalized marketing campaigns, strengthen customer loyalty, and boost brand awareness.