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Upgrade Your Checkout Experience

The Easier It Is – The More Money You Make 

If you are an e-commerce store owner, you may see stats that show your ads are converting by getting clicks and even add to carts – but then those buyers drop off. Abandoned carts are an incredibly common occurrence in the e-commerce world. However, that doesn’t mean there isn’t anything you can do about it. By upgrading your checkout experience, you can convert more sales and ultimately make more money. 

Here are some tips on upgrading your checkout experience. 

Consider your website design and layout 

User-focused web design is so crucial for online sales that there are now entire college degrees focusing on it – UX and UI Design. UX stands for user experience, and UI stands for User Interface. These two terms often coincide together because they both basically mean web design focused on user behavior. Using research and data, these specialty web designers analyze how to create the best design that is best fitting for users and generating more sales. 

Even if you are not a UX designer though, you can use the basic principles to create a user-friendly interface that allows customers to easily convert to your website. This often means more ‘ADD TO CART’ buttons, an easy scrolling interface, and ‘continue shopping’ links. 

There are other things you can add to make your customer experience even easier such as ‘save for later’ or making their cart available even if they exit out of the screen. Overall the goal should be for your customer to not have to overthink the buying process. You want users to seamlessly click through your site and convert them into a sale. 

Optimize your product listings and information 

On your product listings, you want to give your potential customers all the info they need to make the purchase. This includes shipping details and times, product availability, color options, and more. You should also suggest similar products so they can see what else you offer. 

It is also suggested to include credit card icons and trust icons so users know your check-out process is verified safe. Reviews are another great thing to include on a page so potential buyers can see what your customers have said. 

Overall, by considering your checkout experience, and testing it yourself, you are setting your online store up for more success with sales. 

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