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Is Your Business Ready For Prime Day?

Amazon Prime Day is a massive business opportunity for anyone selling products on Amazon. Make sure your business is prepared so you don’t miss out on all the money to be made.

What is Prime Day?

Prime Day is a huge 2-day sale across Amazon available to new and existing Amazon Prime members. Price cuts will be available across a wide variety of products from all sorts of different industries. From kitchen tools to smart tech, tons of customers flock to Amazon for a deal.

When Is Prime Day?

July 12-13 2022. Early sales on Amazon products begin June 21, 2022.

Why Should You Be Prepared?

The great deals across a vast array of product categories is going to bring a whole lot of potential customers across your listings. Customers are going to be on the hunt for deals, and if you haven’t prepared an offer for the special occasion, your listings could miss out on making good money. If you sell on Amazon, Prime Day is a chance for you to bring in a serious boost in sales, but you have to be prepared. Ensure your listings have an enticing offer with convincing copy to secure your sales potential on Prime Day.