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Best Productivity Apps for 2021

In today’s work culture, most businesses with the capability to work remotely have transitioned to work from home due to the pandemic, and many are finding the productivity of their employees to be improved. This abrupt transition to remote work took place almost a year ago, but now companies are finally figuring out the best protocols and the best tools to achieve success. 


Staying organized and on-track without checking in with your team every day has been something organizations have had to figure out, but thanks to productivity software, teams have been able to organize their workflows better than before. 


There are a ton of apps out there so sign up for the free trials and see if the functions work for your workflow and organization style. Each will have different notification options, view styles, templates, integrations, and progress tracking. From sticky notes to fancy spreadsheets, it can be a lot to adjust to but once businesses embrace its functions, it is easier to stay on track with deadlines, communication, and collaboration. 


Here are the best productivity apps for 2021: 



Monday has been growing in popularity because of its easy integrations, affordability, and templates. Small businesses can actually afford this software at seats costing $9/month. It integrates with Google, Slack, and other popular tools. Monday comes with ready-to-use templates for freelancers, project management, construction projects, real estate, and even schoolwork.  



The functionality of Basecamp is favored by people who aren’t visual and don’t want functions like Gantt Charts. It is a top-rated collaboration tool that’s been a popular choice for cloud-based teamwork for a while. At $999 for a year for unlimited projects and members, this can be a solid option for large companies, and organizing tasks for multiple clients. There is also a bulletin board where you can make company-wide announcements too. 



Asana has been the lead productivity app for a while and with good reason. Its functionality is easy to use and can be applied across any industry, but especially great for those with visual components. You can upload images directly into tasks, set recurring tasks, and organize team workflow with different view options. Some teams like the KanBan view, some prefer the Gantt Chart, and some prefer a task list organized by date. The starting plan is $10.99/month per seat making it good for large and small companies. 


No matter what productivity tool your organization chooses to use, the key is to get all employees on board with using it. All these programs offer training tools and tutorials so share them with your team and get your workflow on today!