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3 Tips for E-Commerce Product Photography

Selling products online is no small feat. From choosing the right e-commerce distribution channels to creating strong branding and marketing strategies, there is a lot that goes into successfully selling online. One of the most important aspects, however, is high-quality product photography. 

Product images are the first thing consumers see when they shop online. Having high-quality images adds value to your e-commerce, engaging customers from the get-go and increasing their chances of making a purchase. Before customers read a description on a page, their focus is always drawn to visuals first. 

Professional photography can make your product impossible to ignore and in the long run, increase your brand’s equity. Below are five tips to elevate your e-commerce photography and boost sales.

Highlight the Benefits

Use photography to your advantage by highlighting unique aspects of your product. From new features to different styles and colors, show your customers what makes your product special. Encourage your photographer to experiment with different lighting and backgrounds to get the best shot possible.

Keep it Simple

While a good photographer will make it hard to narrow down which images you want to feature on your site, it is important to cut your selection down to a certain number of photos. Avoid cluttering your site with too many images and instead choose a constant amount for each product. We recommend featuring only three to four images per product. 

Share Video Content

Looking for an even better way to share your product with customers? Video content is the answer. By showing your product in real-time use, videos do an excellent job of highlighting features and benefits to customers. When shooting video content, be sure your background is simple and won’t distract from your product.