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Trademarks: Registering and Why They Matter

The Nike Swoosh is a definable marking that instantly lets you recognize the brand Nike. The glowing Apple on the back of a MacBook instantly confirms it’s an Apple product. The golden arches and the phrase “I’m lovin’ it” are recognizably McDonalds. These are all examples of a trademarked properties that protects the company’s ownership of their brand creatives. 

Trademarks can often be considered the most valuable piece of intellectual property a business owns, according to Business Law Centre. A trademark is what identifies your goods or services from others. 

A trademark can be a symbol such as an Apple logo, or it can be a slogan like Subway’s “Eat Fresh.” It can also be a word, design, or any combination of these elements, as long as the mark identifies and distinguishes one set of goods or services from another

The main reason to get a trademark is to protect your business, brand, and idea. If someone were to copy you, your trademark registration would hold up in a court of law. 

There are various ways you can about registering a trademark, but the option that provides the most protection is to register it federal with the United States Patent and Trademark Office. Through their online service, you can provide all the information required, including your branding assets, websites, and goods or services description. 

You have the option to hire an attorney, or you can do it yourself, if you are a US citizen registering in the US, and your attorney must be a registered in the US. The USPTO has a lot of great information for you, including a basic facts video we recommend. 

At the end of registering, you will have to pay a fee that starts at around $350 depending on how many goods, services, or items you plan to have your trademark cover. 

It is also to be noted that you will find cheaper options that are not federally registered. These cheaper options may seem better for yourr budget, however if you want to ensure your trademark registration is legit, it is best to go with the federal option. 

If you have a business with a recognizable logo and name, it is best practice to get it trademarked. In fact, before even naming a business, it is always smart to check the Trademark Database to see if it is available. 

If you ever plan to sell items on Amazon as your own brand, it is required that you have a trademark first. Amazon requires this for their brand registry application. 

Overall, registering your trademark is an exciting step for your business. It is the first step to Amazon selling, and making your brand legitimate in a court of law.

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