Are you ready to take your e-commerce business to the next level? If so let me ask you a few quick questions to see how you should proceed forward. Ready?

Which of the below offerings are you interested in?

  1. a) e-Commerce Marketing Blueprint & Audit
  2. b) Social Media Content Package
  3. c) Advertising Services Package (Facebook, Google, Amazon)
  4. d) Enterprise e-Commerce Marketing Packages
  5. e) I’m Not Sure Yet

Great. Our e-Commerce Marketing Blueprint & Audit is the best place to start. We will really dig into your business and create an in-depth report analyzing where you currently are at, what opportunities you can take advantage of, and what you should execute on next. This report usually takes a few business days to put together by our strategists. It includes analysis on Amazon, Facebook/Instagram, and Google.

The cost is $500 but if you choose to proceed with any of our other packages in the future that $500 is applied to those future services! How cool is that?

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Great. Our Social Media Content Package is a great option for those who really want to make an impact with social media marketing efforts organically. This service includes creating a highly engaging post every other day on your social channels. We create a 100% custom made graphic for EVERY post along with unique copy and content. You fill out a simple form once per month giving us direction on what you want us to talk about. We do all the posting of the content to your social channels such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn, and Google+. It is SUPER easy and you will love the content we create for you. Here are a few examples:

The cost is $700 per month and after 3 months it is only a month-to-month commitment. How cool is that?

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Great. Our Advertising Services Package is the best option to drive immediate revenue to your business. We will setup paid marketing campaigns on Facebook, Amazon, and Google for you. We even help you create a few landing pages if you don’t have any good ones yet. We will make all your ads including the creatives and copy. In the end we will be testing hundreds of ad variables from images, videos, headlines, descriptions, keywords, audiences and more to see what makes you the most money. Best of all, because we will be managing all these channels for you we can allocate budget on-the-fly for you wherever it will rake in the most revenue for you! Keep in mind our fees don't include 3rd party ad spend, so make sure you have at least several thousand per month allocated for that.

The cost is $1,500 per month and after 3 months it is only a month-to-month commitment. How cool is that?

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Woah! You are a serious player here. Our Enterprise e-Commerce Marketing Packages are our favorite clients. We have several packages to choose from but this is where we can really get involved to help take your entire business to the next level. This is the whole shabang! We will be getting your hands dirty on a daily basis cranking away on your business to seriously take you to the next level. This is something we just need to get on a phone and figure out what kind of custom service package would best fit your needs.

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