Chatbot campaigns
for E-commerce

What are Chatbots?

You have heard about chatbots right? But are you actively running chatbot campaigns? If not we can help. It is a daunting task to figure out the strategy, technical requirements, compliance policies, and execution of a chatbot strategy. If you need someone to do it all for you then you have arrived at the right place.

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We Partnered With
The Leading Chatbot
Expert – Michelle
Barnum Smith

We are one of the few authorized service
providers for Michelle Barnum Smith. Using her
strategies and knowledge we develop solid
Chatbot Campaigns for e-commerce companies.

Michelle Barnum Smith is an
18-year Marketing veteran.

When she saw the power and ease of using Facebook
Messenger bots for delivering a great ROI for her Amazon
clients she quickly built out an expertise in the niche.
Now Michelle teaches Amazon sellers how to use Messenger to
build their own lists, launch products, and improve their
rankings and reviews on Amazon.

Michelle has been featured on Forbes, Business Insider, The
Examiner, and is a featured Speaker at
ASD Market Week, AMZ Innovate, and Global Sources

The Chatbot Package

Each chatbot campaign consists of a strategy, audience, and product. Below are example chatbot campaigns. A typical campaign takes about 2-4 weeks

Month 1Build
  • Marketing strategy for new subscriber flow and onboarding message
  • 1 Velocity / Ranking campaign for one of your Amazon listings
  • 1 Giveaway / Contest subscriber campaign
  • Build growth tools:
    • Link to share to email list to get email subscribers to messenger as applicable
    • Link to post in Facebook group, Instagram, or Facebook page to drive organic subscribers as applicable
    • Facebook Ad - opt in message, tagging, and offer delivery
    • Facebook Ad setup and management for Messenger campaigns
  • Default reply (if people message you this is what they will see)
  • Welcome message (if people click "Get Started" on your FB page, this sequence will be initiated)
  • Includes Segmented Sales or FAQ experience
  • Main Menu Setup - top actions you want subs to take
  • Connect Email service provider to ManyChat
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Get Started Today

Investment: $3,000 per month for a minimum two-month contract.
Each month we can create two chatbot campaigns.

Total: $3,000 Due Today
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