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The Importance of an Amazon Storefront

Amazon storefronts are like having your own landing page or ecommerce store page hosted on Amazon, creating a more effective and personalized way for small and medium-size businesses to use Amazon as a marketplace without getting completely lost in the shuffle of thousands of vendors. According to Business News Daily, “Launched in September 2018, Amazon established Storefronts as a separate section where it highlights small businesses, features curated collections of unique products and provides a platform for an online small business experience. Instead of navigating thousands of online sellers, Amazon wants customers to interact with small businesses and have an intimate, mom-and-pop-shop experience through the online platform.” 

Amazon Storefronts provide an opportunity for retailers to stand out from their competitors and earn an advantage in brand awareness and customer acquisition. 

The benefits: 

  • Increased branding opportunity and messaging, which drives consistency across platforms and social media and creates a better connection with customers. 
  • Content and messaging can be updated on storefront pages to promote seasonal offerings and other promotional campaigns. 
  • Having a dedicated storefront can make it easier for customers to favorite and find your brand after a purchase, increasing the number of repeat transactions and improving customer satisfaction through an easier, more intuitive customer experience. 
  • A storefront can help drive more effective Amazon advertising campaigns.  According to Amazon, brands who use Amazon’s Sponsored brand ads see a 22% ROI on advertising when their ads are linked directly to Storefront pages instead of product pages. 
  • Brand logos and small banners on product detail pages in Storefronts can drive improved store and product discoverability by customer search.
  • Brands who use Storefront have the ability to drive traffic to these landing pages from external leads and advertising platforms. 
  • Storefront brands have the potential to rank higher in Amazon’s organic customer search results. 
  • A Storefront can provide a better user experience across desktop and mobile shopping. 

While you don’t need a Storefronts page to successfully sell on Amazon, it’s an effective way to reach more customers and gain more brand equity. If you’re interested in how you can work with Amazon to qualify for an Amazon storefront in your product category, our team can help you better understand the process and make sure that you’re positioned well to be part of Amazon’s highlighted small business creators and entrepreneurs.