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How to sell on Amazon

Selling on Amazon can be a very profitable endeavor for small business owners or even people who enjoy reselling. If you have an established e-commerce brand or you buy products wholesale, selling your products on Amazon could open up a whole new revenue stream and help your brand be found by more customers. Here is how to get started selling on Amazon. 

Choose A Seller Plan 

To get started, you will choose a plan that fits your business best. There is an individual plan that costs you $0.99 with each item you sell. If you start selling a lot, this cost can add up quickly. The professional plan costs $39.99 per month, so if you are selling more than 40 items per month, this is the best option. More info about the plan options can be found on Amazon’s pricing page

Create A Seller Account 

Next you create an Amazon Seller Account. For this you will need your business info, a credit card, tax info, bank info, and a government ID. Then you will log into Seller Central, which is the platform for sellers to look at their account stats, manage products, pricing, and inventory, interact with customers, and set up advertising. There is even a Seller Central app where you can manage your Amazon store on the go. 

What can you sell on Amazon? 

If a product you want to sell is already on Amazon, then it is possible for you to take the steps to get your products on there too. There are some products though that will require approval, such as medical devices. Certain items such as cell phones can be sold used or refurbished, whereas some items can only be sold new such as beauty tools. Full details on Amazon’s restrictions can be found on their website

How To List A Product 

To begin selling, you will create a product listing on Seller Central. To create a product listing, you must have a product identifier such as a UPC, EAN, ISBN for books, or GTIN. If you don’t have one, you can apply for an exemption which will then get you an Amazon code. On Seller Central you can add your own SKUs for your own personal inventory system. 

Next you will need product images, offer details, shipping options, and other relevant product details like sizing, brand, colors, and category. You will want to add keywords that will help your product be found. 

How To Attract Customers

Once your products are live, you will want to make your product more appealing than competitors so it gets clicks and conversions. There are several things you can do to increase your listings, such as set competitive pricing and choosing the best keywords. You can also create advertising campaigns to promote your products. You can also start listing your products on Amazon Prime, which is Fulfillment By Amazon (FBA) but that requires sending your inventory to an Amazon warehouse. There are many things you can do to boost your sales and optimize your listings. 

Overall, selling on Amazon is an experience that can be fun to learn and get creative along the way. Amazon is continually growing and adding more dedicated users that only shop on Amazon. If you are a seller, it’s time to get your products listed. If you need assistance with getting started, contact Elemerce. Our goal is to help you sell more products!