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The Value of Using Fulfillment at Amazon

The Challenge: We were tasked with marketing branded merchandise on Amazon for beverage company. A well known brand with a dedicated following that had all the right products for sale, but were not seeing anything near the monthly sales they should have.

The Solution: We completed a full audit of the account, and determined using seller fulfillment on a majority of the items was driving customers away. Paying $9 for 5 day shipping is no longer acceptable to customers in a Prime driven world. We added several new products to FBA, and began a targeted ad campaign on existing, well performing products.

The Results: Sales shot up, as did product rankings. Monthly revenue increased 889% the following month.

New Children’s Toy Brand

The Challenge: Launch brand with zero sales history, build successful ad campaigns and inventory forecasting.

The Solution: Elemerce crafted strong detail pages, developed high-performing Sponsored Product campaigns, and coordinated with Television campaigns to forecast growth.

The Results: 330% annual sales growth, 50% annual conversion rate improvement, and ranking 1st page for several top related search terms.

Health Supplement Brand

The Challenge: Customer had performance issues with inventory, and overall account health-related to late shipments and slow response to customer question.

The Solution: Elemerce took over inventory management, customer service, optimization and advertising.

The Results: Improved account health and inventory to within Amazon targets & grew sales from approximately $275,000 per year to over $7,000,000.